Monday, May 3, 2010

The tree frogs think it's summer...

Okay...I'm a little punchy because it's 3:00+  a.m and I have jury duty in 5 hours...I should be sleeping but it's still 70 degrees

I'm browsing the internet, thinking about all the craft hours I'll miss while doing my civic duty

This week I painted the upholstery on a vintage cane chair  going in the new blue room. The green velvet was a little dated and dusty looking after 60+ years so out came my acrylics (just cheapo craft paints) a stiff paint brush, and nerves of steel...I thought about reupholstering the
seat and back but the thought of dealing with all those tufted covered buttons put that thought out of my mind.
You can use fabric medium with the paints, but using a really stiff clothing brush after the paint dries will soften the material again ...I'll post pictures tomorrow along with the garage sale find curtains (50 cents a panel)  that will look fantastic with the 'cottage y' I'm going for...I also found a topper in green that I am planning to make over in blue   with the paint brush as well because it has these really cool prisms hanging on'll just have to imagine it for now.

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