Friday, July 24, 2009

Gestation of a faux fireplace

Want a fireplace with all the ambiance and none of the heat? We ordered an electric insert and grate for a custom built corner fireplace (hubby power) Here's a sneak peek. I guarantee it will look nothing like this when we are finished;O)

New floor in an afternoon

Well maybe 2 days, because hubby and I aren't quite as limber as we used to be.
Truthfully, the hardest thing about installing this floating laminate flooring by Trafficmaster, is carrying the boxes up the stairs. The finished product looks just like wood flooring without all the work (or cash)...we got ours for under $2 a sf. There is virtually no waste because only the end pieces get cut and if you have them in the right direction (ask me how I know) the job is a cinch. Knee pads are a must, as is a utility knife and a square. This is the second room we've done with this product and we love it. It goes right over existing floors or tile with no underlayment. Because our house is 150+, we have rooms where this would not be suitable because the floors are not level.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What inspiration? the bluebird was definitely a contender but other things may have influenced me just a tad...

Feeling Blue

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Scroll down to my little bluebird and you'll get a sneak peak at the color scheme for my new master bedroom (formerly the upstairs kitchen). Here's the awesome bed Peter built for me! He's building a faux corner fireplace now and I have some really gorgeous mexican tiles in cobalt and white to put on the hearth.
The ceiling came out fantastic.